Private International Law: Preliminary Issues.The Europeanization of Private International Law.

The impact on Conflict of Laws of the Prohibition of Discrimination on Grounds of Nationality.

Private International Law and Freedoms of the Internal Market.

Interaction between choice of law and rules as to jurisdiction.

Interpretation of Private International Law rules by th eEuropean Court of Justice

Contracts: The Rome I Regulation.

Protection of Weak Parties.

Electronic Commerce and Private International Law.

International Sale: Conflict of Laws and the UN 1980 Vienna Convention.

Private International Law and International Commercial Arbitration.

Non Contractual Obligations: Rome II Regulation.

Company Law and Conflict of Laws.

Public Policy and Mandatory Norms.

Divorce and Maintenance.

Succession and Wills.

Property Aspects of Marriages and Registered Partnerships.

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