Computer Skills (Political Science) – Before the a.y. 17/18

Course aim

Learn the main functionalities and basic computer skills for regular usage of a personal computer. The course will cover the following aspects: basic computer operations, file management, word processing, presentation, web browsing, e-mail and communication.
The course will be taught in a computer lab to provide students with practical capabilities for an effective usage of basic operating system and office automation features. E-learning modules (in Italian language) are available on the LUISS elarning platform.

The exam

Students will be required to complete a practical test assessing their basic skills on the following aspects:

  • Word processing
  • Presentation
  • Spreadsheets

The dates of the practical test sessions are listed in the course “Computer Skills” on the e-learning platform ( Students need to reserve their participation by using the appropriate module “Reservation for the practical exam” located in the course (the English part).

Students can record their exam (in the “oral exam” day – reservation by using the webselfservice) once passed all practical test.

Students who have achieved the European Computer Driving License certification (at least 4 modules) are exempt from the exam ( More information on ECDL are available at and