Introduction to network science

Course Objectives

Understanding the basic concepts regarding social network analysis and its implications in social and economic sciences. In particular the main objectives for the students of this course are to become able to collect data describing a specific network and to use a specific software application in order to carry out the social network analysis.

The syllabus is formed by the following topics:

  • Course introduction; Network and social network analysis (SNA) fundamentals
  • Graph main concepts and graph representation using matrix
  • Graph, subgraph and directed graph
  • File formats for representing a graph.
  • Introduction to the use of a specific software application for social network analysis.
  • Data collection
  • Measures of a graph
  • Nodal degree, indegree and outdegree;
  • Properties of Graphs, Relations, and Matrices
  • Multimodal graph

Students can find several materials on the e-learning platform, such as slides, lecture notes, and the text book reference.