Lecture notes and readings

PART 1 – The short run

handout01- Macroeconomic variables and facts

handout02-The Short-Run: the goods market

handout03-Te Short-Run: the financial markets

handout04-The IS-LM model

Appendix: Deriving the IS-LM equilibrium

handout05-The open economy: basic concepts

handout06-The IS-LM model in an Open Economy

PART 2 – The medium run

From the Short Run to the Medium Run

handout07-The labour market: questions and facts

handout08-The labour market: theories

handout09-The AS-AD model

From the Static to the Dynamic AS-AD model

handout10- The Phillips curve

handout11-Money growth, output growth and inflation

PART 3 – The long run

handout12-The Solow model

handout13-The Solow model with technological progress


Course Readings, Videos and Audios


Measuring what matters, The Economist, (17/09/2009)

Busy, Busy, The Economist (04/09/2014)

Janet L. Yellen’s Press Conference (September 21st, 2016): and transcript (pdf)  (PS: Pages 1-5 only for the exam)

FED FAQ: Why do interest rates matter:

Bank run (from Mary Poppins, 1964): pdf and video1 vide02


Employment Outlook (OECD) – How does ITALY compare?:  2014 2015 2016

Back in work, still out of pocket: Labour market recovery since the Great Recession  by Stefano Scarpetta, Mark Keese and Paul Swaim (Vox, 26 July 2016)

Curve ball, The Economist (28/09/2006)


How to grow, The Economist (07/10/2010)


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