Exam 09/10/2017:  grades_091017

Prof. Vallanti will be available to show the exams on Friday 12/10 at 2pm in her room (V piano, Viale Romania). Please send an email of confirmation if you want to see your exam.


Exam rules:

The final assessment will be based entirely on a final exam. The final exam is based on the topics covered during the lectures and classes, the chapters of the textbook and all the materials assigned during the course. There are two exam sessions: December (Session I) and January/February (Session II). Students can take the exam in either Session I or Session II. Those students who do not pass the written exam (or do not accept the assigned grade) in Session I, will be not allowed to re-take the exam in Session II. However, students, who sit for the exam in Session I and withdraw at least half an hour before the end of the exam, are allowed to retake the exam in Session II.

Please keep in mind that from May 2015 onward, online registration is mandatory for all exams, and you will no longer have the option to get a last-minute permit from the Student Secretary instead.

For the students who take the exam in either the December or January/February sessions, the average score obtained in the problem sets (max 2 points) handed in during the term will be added to the grade obtained in the final exam.

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