Digital Transformation 2017-18

Digital tools and platforms can transform organizations, support new institutional forms, shape the environment and trigger the emergence of new organizational routines and practices. This course provides students with design thinking and practical knowledge on digital transformation. Students will learn how to exploit the potential of digital technologies and how to manage threats emerging in the virtual environment. Approaches and methods for making sense of digital innovation and leading the transformation toward new organizational forms will be illustrated through cases and practical examples.

The course consists of two intertwined parts that unfolds in parallel:

  • Emerging topics in digital innovation: digital platforms, peer production, cloud computing, blockchain, big data, social media, global infrastructures, cyberthreats and cybersecurity
  • Toolbox for leading organizational change and business transformation: approaches, theories and methods for the analysis of complex socio-technical systems and the design of user centered solutions

The course will benefit from the preliminary results of the MASTIS project that will be presented by the LUISS team.

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