Teaching and Assessment

Educational Goals

The course is aimed to give an analytical knowledge of gender issues and their relevance in the media and politics. In particular, the course will seek to achieve the following objectives:

  • to provide a basic understanding of schools and approaches to gender studies;
  • to give a critical knowledge about the studies and research on gender politics;
  • to provide an analytical knowledge of the relationship between gender and politics (access, languages, topics, opportunities, etc.) in a European perspective.


Teaching Method

Lectures, focused debating, papers presentation in class, exercises, case studies analysis.

The debates and the presented papers are evaluable.



  • Paper’s presentation in class (mandatory: 40%)

  • Essay  (60%)

Please, remind that everybody (also the attending students) must register to the web self service for the official date of the exam!


Presentation in class

This assignment asks you to make an oral presentation, using ppt or similar, lasting about 15 minutes in which you report on the topic/s you received.

The presentation will assessed in terms of (a) content, (b) organization, (c) supporting materials, and (d) delivery.

Class exercises

Further information will be given in the first lectures.



Beginning: 11th February