Seminar series on the Italian economy


 Prof Fabiano Schivardi

Semester Second

Period: February 24th –April 14th

Lectures are on Monday 9-12, with the exception of the week of March 24th, when the lecture will be on Wednesday 26th at 5 p.m.

Students are required to attend at least 7 lectures and to pass the final work to have 4 CFU recognized as Other Activities.

Course contents:

The aim of the seminars series  is to supply a coherent analytical framework to study the characteristics of the Italian economy, focussing in particular on the causes of the growth slowdown of the last two decades. It will alternate lectures from Professor Schivardi and seminars from outside experts on specific topics.

24/2:The productivity slowdown and its causes – Fabiano Schivardi

3/3: The innovation gap — Francesca Lotti (Bank of Italy)

10/3:The Services sector Emanuela Ciapanna and Eliana Viviano (Bank of Italy)

17/3: The financial sector – Fabiano Schivardi

26/3 The reform of the labor market – Elsa Fornero (University of Turin and former Minister of Labor): Reforming labor markets: reflections of an economist who (unexpectedly) became the Italian Minister of Labor

31/3: The Italian economy in a long run perspective – Gianni Toniolo (LUISS)

7/4 The education system – Roberto Torrini, ANVUR

14/4 Whiter industrial policy? Fabiano Schivardi

Assessment method: Students will write a brief critical essay on one of the topics of the lectures

Suggested reference reading material: Fuori dalla crisi; Ridateci credito (i Corsivi del Corriere delle Sera) . Further readings will be suggested during the lectures.


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