Dear Students
You can find here below the evaluation of the final groups’ presentations:
G1: 2
G2: 2
G3: 1
G4: 1
G5: 0
G6: 2
G7: 1
Luca Mongelli

Dear Students
Among the current activities LUISS is carrying on about Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability (ERS), there are some which may be of your interest:
1) Luiss Social Contest, an idea competition aimed at fostering social innovation here in LUISS (Feb-May 2015); all the participants will benefit from 4 CFU. Registrations are currently open at the Student Office until the 7th of October.
2) an economic grant to finance a student who will 1) support the study of an Italian Social Enterprise (Made in Carcere) and 2) develop a survey about ERS issues within LUISS University. the survey can also be the basis for a thesis on ERS in organizations with Prof. Rullani.
3) the possibility to be involved with our ERS team in an European Research Project, the ICESEM project, and develop a thesis with Prof. Rullani on social enterprises (possible case studies among the enterprises supported by the Diesel OTB Foundation
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