International Relations (BA) (Sep.-Dec. 2018)

Instructor: Raffaele Marchetti (mail:


Teaching Assistance: Paolo Pizzolo (mail:


Office hours: before and after classes or by appointment




Asymmetry between classes and texts

  • Not all parts of the readings are going to be discussed in class
  • Not all that will be said in class is in the readings
  • Must do all the readings and attend all the classes


Key textbook (A)

  • Jackson, R., & Sørensen, G. (2012). Introduction to International Relations. Theories and Approaches (fifth ed.). Oxford: Oxford University Press. + integrations


Reading (B)

  • Marchetti, R. (2016) Global Strategic Engagement: States and Non-State Actors in Global Governance. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books (Rowman & Littlefield) (chapters I-V-VII-VIII)


Reading (C)



  • mid term online test (A, up to constructivism) (25%)
  • Final examination (A all, B  portions) (50%)
  • Debates (25%)


  • You are encouraged to take the final examination at the first available date


  • N.B.
    • In order to pass the exam you need to pass each of the 3 components
    • for students who fail the mid term test, the exam consists in a new online test (A, up to constructivism) (25%) to be taken on the same day of the final exam, in a final examination (A, B) (50%), and the debates (25%)
    • for students failing the final examination, the exam consists in an online test (A, up to constructivism) (25%), a new final examination (A, B) (skipping one call) (50%), and the debates (25%).
    • for students who do not attend the class presentations, the exam consists in an online test (A, up to constructivism) (25%), a final examination (A, B) (50%), and a written essay on reading C (2500 words) (25%) (the essay has to be submitted on the day of the written examination).