Homework 2017

Homework 2017

Stat17Homework 1  Due Monday March 6

Stat17Homework 2  Due Monday March 13

Stat17Homework 3  Due Monday March 20.  See Announcements 2017 for some comments on expectation.

Stat17Homework 4  Due Thursday March 23.  Some solution to these problems are given in a Announcements 2017.

Stat17Homework 5  Due Monday April 3

Stat17Homework6  Due Monday April 10

Stat17Homework7   Due Wednesday April 19. The p value will not be on the quiz of April 20. It will be discussed in class.

Stat17Homework8  Due Monday April 24.

Some solutions on excel of Homework8excercises 24 April_2017

Stat17Homework 9  Due Tuesday May 2.  As usual, we use the normal table rather than t table also for prediction intervlas (Section 12.7).

Stat17Homework10  Due Tuesday May 9. There are very few problems here, you should start doing problems on the whole class/book material towards the final exam.


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