Statistics 2017

Always check announcements 2017. You may find useful information.

 Lecturer: Yosef Rinott,


Claudia Vittori,   and Tullia Padellini

Textbook:   Introductory Statistics
by Sheldon M. Ross
Academic Press; third edition (2010)

Rules of class:  I will assign homework on the website every week. See Statistics 2017 Homework.  You will not hand it in but you should do it and learn it, and you will be tested on it in quizzes.  Homework will be solved in class on Mondays, and there will be a quiz on the homework and class material in the following Tuesday.

There will be about 7 short quizzes  in class, and one longer midterm-quiz on March 28 at 10:00.  The quizzes will be close to homework  problems and /or class material. There will be a quiz every  Tuesday starting march 7, and one more quiz on another day, to be announced later. The midterm quiz will count as two quizzes.

Quiz dates:  07/03,  14/03,  21/03, 28/03 at 10:00 (Midterm), 04/04, 11/04, 20/04 (Thursday), 02/05.

The quiz grade will be the average of your best six quizzes. So if you take 6 quizzes out of seven without the midterm, or if you take 4 quizzes and the midterm, you are in good shape, but since we count the best results, the more you take, the better are your chances. There will be no makeup quizzes. The class is too big for that. As you see, if you miss one or even two quizzes, you can still get a good quiz grade, if you do well in the others.

Final grade = 25% quiz-grade + 75% final  if the quiz-grade > final.  If the quiz-grade < final, then only the final counts, so the quizzes can only help you.  This applies only to students who take the first appello.  For students who take later appelli only the final exam counts.

Students must have their own calculators and Normal tables for exams. Passing calculators (or pens, tables or anything) between students will not be allowed.

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