Macroeconomics 2016-2017

Dear students,

welcome to the Macroeconomics course, 2016-2017. As in previous academic years, important teaching aids will be provided. Lecture slides will be uploaded and updated. The experiment that was undertaken in the previous two years is going to be replicated in the forthcoming one: videoed lectures can be down loaded to supplement front-line ones. The latter, however, will be more devoted to discussion and debate than to a standard delivery of course contents on the assumption that the videoed material has been duly seen beforehand. It is strongly suggested that you fully take advantage of this facility.

As customary, periodic exercise lectures will also be delivered.

This lecture format can be successful only if attendance is steady and systematic. Your feedback is very much part of the instruction process. For this purpose, a signature sheet will be circulated during each lecture to record your attendance observant to the LUISS rules on this matter.

Finally, be advised that office hours will be held every Tuesday at 5:30 P.M.

Looking forward to a successful and enjoyable course,

Massimo Ricottilli