Announcement: the new Macroeconomics Course

Dear students,

This year, the Macroeconomics course that is about to begin will feature a rather novel way of teaching. It has been the wish of academic authorities to attempt to take advantage of the opportunities that communication media are likely to lend to the broadcasting of formal knowledge. Last year, all the Macroeconomics lectures delivered throughout the entire course were duly filmed and are now ready for viewing. This past, painstaking work will accordingly allow to supplement the hitherto traditional academic teaching with a more interactive student, lecturer relationship. Videos of those lectures will be made progressively available on an appropriate platform as the course unfolds. Some introductory and conceptually crucial topics will remain the object of a fully fledged lecture but students will be called upon to retrieve beforehand specific filmed material to prepare for in-depth discussion at a following class meeting. Of course, all the traditional teaching aids will also be made available.

The method briefly outlined above is clearly at an experimental stage. It is believed that this new approach will make learning easier, less burdensome and finally more interesting but it requires regular attendance and steady participation. It is rather clear that if these conditions will not be fulfilled, if students’ collaboration will not be forthcoming the experiment will most likely fail. It is for this reason that this year the course will formally demand students to abide by statutory LUISS attendance rules.

I do hope that you will enjoy this novelty.