BA and Master Thesis

Students interested to pursue their dissertation research with us are advised to choose one of the following topics. Please email to the principal investigator to get details. Students may also propose other topics



(Dott.ssa Francesca Di Pietro –

The research project aims at understanding the role of culture and its facets in influencing the adoption of innovative tools -i.e. crowdfunding- for early-stage company financing.

Entrepreneurship has no border

(Dott.ssa Francesca Di Pietro –

The research project aims at understanding what are the drivers that make a new venture attractive for cross-border professional investors -i.e. Venture Capitalists.

Start-up (your) culture

(Dott.ssa Francesca Di Pietro –

This exploratory study aims at identifying how start-ups create their company culture and how it affects performance.


(Prof.Francesca Masciarelli email:

This research project aims at understanding how personal values, with specific attention to religiosity, influence the performance of entrepreneurs and start-uppers.

Groups and personal values

(Prof. Federica Ceci email:

This project involves a large numbers of students and universities and aims at understanding if a team sharing similar values has better performance (in terms of innovativeness, effectiveness and quality of the output) or if, in the other case, heterogeneity in views and culture is to be preferred.


Thesis should be prepared according to the following guidelines: VADEMECUMTESISTI_eng

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