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Division and coordination of knowledge and labor

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Learning, memory, and routines in project-based contexts
Memory of the Organisation and Memories within the Organization (with Paoli, M), Journal of Management and Governance, 2003, 7, 2, pp. 145-162 (google scholar – 30 citations).

Inter-Project Learning: Processes and Outcomes of Knowledge Codification in Project-Based Firms (with Tell, F), Research Policy, 2001, 30, pp. 1373-1394 (google scholar – 277 citations).


Social capital and firms’ innovation performance

Trapped or spurred by the home region? The effects of potential social capital on involvement in foreign markets for goods and technology’ (with Laursen, K. and Masciarelli, F.) Journal of International Business Studies, 2012, 43, 9, pp. 783-807.

Regions Matter: How Regional Characteristics Affect External Knowledge Acquisition and Innovation, (with Laursen, K and Masciarelli, F) Organization Science, 2012, 23, pp. 177-193.

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