Managing Innovation – Online Course on Iversity

Managing Innovation

About this course

The aim of this course is to provide students with theoretical and applied knowledge on the economics and management of innovation. Combining real cases, interviews with international experts, and traditional lectures, the course addresses the economic, strategic, organizational, and operational dimensions of innovation. The course also examines the challenge to building and maintaining an innovative organization, and how individuals can successfully innovate in organizations. Innovation affects private and social lives; it challenges the status quo… innovation involves the creation of novelty of the old and therefore requires new lenses, new eyes to ‘rethink the box’ and not as the adage goes: think outside the box.

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Course Structure

Chapter 1: Defining Innovation

Chapter 2: Understanding Technological Innovation

Chapter 3: Patterns of Technological Innovation

Chapter 4: Managing the innovation process

Chapter 5: Open innovation

Chapter 6: Market and Innovation

Chapter 7: Disruptive innovation

Chapter 8: Ambidextrous organization

Chapter 9: Organizing Innovation

Chapter 10: Context of innovation

Chapter 11: Globalization of innovation Final Exam


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