MODULE 1. The Psychology of Decision Making

  1. Introduction to the psychology of thinking, and decision-making
  2. The two-systems theory of thinking and decision
  3. The heuristics and biases theory
  4. Cognitive, emotional aspects and their interaction in the making of economic decisions.
  5. A psychological analysis of atmospheric effects (off-line and on-line). The conversationalist model and the generation of illusions.
  6. The psychological phenomenon of overconfidence


MODULE 2. The Behavioral Economics of choices (under uncertainty)

  1. Introduction to the theory of rational choice and the methodology of “revealed preferences”.
  2. Behavioral vs Experimental Economics
  3. Choices under certainty: elements of consumer theory
  4. Choices under risk and uncertainty: expected utility theory and its “paradoxes”
  5. Prospect Theory and models of reference-dependent preferences
  6. An application of the revealed preference approach: testing a theoretical model of consuming behavior using field experimental generated data


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