Info docente: Giovanni Ponti


Born in Milano, on April 6, 1965.



[1997] PhD, Economics. University College London

[1997] Dottorato di Ricerca in Strutture e Comportamenti Economici. Università di Bologna.

[1993] MSc, Economics. University College London.

[1992] Laurea in Economia e Commercio (cum laude). Università di Pavia.

Research experience

[2017-date] Visiting Professor at the Department of Economics, The University of Chicago.

[2016] Visiting Research Fellow at the Center for Experimental Social Science (CESS), Department of Economics, New York University (Sabbatical leave).

[2008-9] Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Economics and Finance, LUISS Guido Carli, Roma (Sabbatical leave).

[2005-2010] Quaderni deit, WP Series of the Dipartimento Economia Istituzioni Territorio, Università di Ferrara. Editor.

[2000-date] Director – Laboratory for Theoretical and Experimental Economics (LaTEx) – Universidad de Alicante.

[1997-8] Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Economics, University of California Santa Barbara.

[1994-7] Research Assistant at the Centre for Learning and Social Evolution (ELSE) at the University College London.

Participation to research projects

[2016-9] LaTEx 2020: Microeconomics “Made in Alicante” (ECO2015-65820-P). Team Coord.

[2013-5] The Microfoundation of Economic Complexity: Theory, Behavior, Policy (ECO2012-34928). Team Coord.

[2012-5] Robust Decisions in Markets and Organizations (MIUR PRIN 20103S5RN3_002). Team Coord.: Marco Li Calzi (UniVe).

[2011-4] INSITE: The Innovation Society, Sustainability, and ICT (FP7: ICT-2007.8.0). Team Coord.: Local Coord.

[2010] Implementing distributional justice using random mechanisms (IVIE BEC-2010-002). Team coord.

[2007-12] Procesos de Decisión e Interacción en Contextos Socio-Económicos (MEC SEJ2007-62656/ECON). Team coord.: Carmen Herrero (UA).

[2007] Risk and ambiguity: new theories and applications (MIUR PRIN 2007MCKEYA). Team Coord.: John Hey (LUISS).

[2006-11] Consolidating Economics (MEC CSD2006-00016). Local Coord: Iñigo Iturbe (UA).

[2006] Creacción, Gestión Y Desarrollo De Un Panel Dinámico Para La Economía Experimental (GV 06/275). Team Coord.

[2006] Análisis experimental de una economía de redes (UA GRJ06-11). Team Coord.

[2005] Framing Effects in Public Good Provision (IVIE BEC 2005-004). Team Coord.

[2005] An Experimental Perspective on Intertemporal choice (MIUR PRIN 2005/137907). Team Coord.: John Hey (LUISS).

[2004-7] Información e Incentivos en Procesos Complejos de Interacción Económica (MEC SEJ2004-02172).  Team Coord.: Fernando Vega (UA).

[2002] Panel data experimetrics (IVIE BEC 2002-012). Team Coord.: Giovanni Ponti.

[2001-4] Redes Sociales y Procesos Económicos (MCICYT BEC 2001-0980). Team Coord.: Fernando Vega (UA).

[2001-4]        Cooperation and Information, (EC TMR FMRX-CT96/0055). Team Coord.: Carmen Herrero (UA).

[2002] Panel Data Experimetrix (IVIE BEC 2002-012). Team Coord.: Giovanni Ponti.

[2002] El mercado, un mecanismo de interacción personalizada (GV 01/391). Team Coord.: Fernando Vega (UA).

[2001-date] Participation to the “Grupo de Investigación sobre Microeconomía Aplicada” (UA VIGROB-087). Team Coord.: Ramon Faulí (UA).

[2001] Economía experimental en Alicante: Tomas de Decisiones Secuenciales (IVIE BEC 2001-035). Team Coord.

Research interests

Experimental Economics: experiments on social preferences, learning and institution/mechanism design. (Evolutionary) Game Theory: dynamic models of learning in games. Industrial Organization: institutional aspects of mechanism design.

Teaching experience


[2016-date] EIEF, Roma. Behavioural and Experimental Economics (graduate course).

[2009-date] LUISS Guido Carli, Roma. (Advanced) Microeconomics, Game Theory, Mathematical Methods, Economic Principles, Experimental Economics, Behavioural Economics and Consumption Theory, Behavioral Finance.

[1999-09] Universidad de Alicante. Graduate Courses: Learning in Games, Microeconomics II (Game Theory) and Experimental Economics. Undergraduate courses: Microeconomía IV, Microeconomía Avanzada I (Risk & Uncertainy), Microeconomía Avanzada II (Game Theory).

[2000-10] Università di Ferrara. Undergraduate Courses: Mathematics for Economists, Game Theory, Econometrics I, Econometrics II.

[1998-9] University of California Santa Barbara. Evolutionary Game Theory (Course #: Interdisciplinary 184 BP).

[1997] University of California Santa Barbara. Graduate Workshop on Evolutionary Dynamics.

[1992-3] University College of London. Graduate Teaching Assistant.

Teaching interests

Microeconomics, (Evolutionary) Game Theory, Behavioural & Experimental Economics, Industrial Organization, Mathematical Economics.

Referred journals

American Economic Review, Applied Economics, B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, Econometrica, Economia Politica, Economic Journal, Economics Letters, European Economic Review, Experimental Economics, Games, Games & Economic Behavior, Economic Enquiry, Economics Letters, Experimental Economics, International Economic Review, International Game Theory Review, Journal of Behavioral & Experimental Economics, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Journal of Economic Theory, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Public Economic Theory, Nature Human Behavior, Oxford Economic Papers, PLoS ONE, Rationality & Society, Research in Economics/Ricerche Economiche, Resources & Energy Economics, Review of Economic Design, Review of Economic Studies, Social Choice & Welfare, Theoretical Economics Letter. Theory & Decision.

Selected publications

[2018] “Preference based subjective beliefs” (with M Giaccherini). Games, 9, 50.DOI: 10.3390/g9030050.

[2018] “Asymmetric Concession Making: An Experimental Study” (with C Felli, W Güth and E Mata-Pérez). Journal of Conflict Resolution, 62(5), 1012-43.

[2018] “Conceptions and Misconceptions about 2D-4D: Social and Risk Preferences” (with J Alonso, R Di Paolo and M Sartarelli). Frontiers in Behavioural Neuroscience, 12:22. DOI: 10.3389/fnbeh.2018.00022

[2017] “Social Motives vs Social Influence: an Experiment on Interdependent Time Preferences” (with I Rodriguez-Lara). Games & Economic Behavior, 105, 177-94.

[2017] “Eliciting Real-Life Social Networks: a Guided Tour” (with P Brañas-Garza and N Jiménez), Journal of Behavioral Economics for Policy, 1(1), 33-9.

[2016] “Cognitive (Ir)Reflection: New Experimental Evidence” (with C Cueva, I Iturbe, E Mata-Pérez, M Sartarelli, H Yu and V Zhukova). Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 64, 81-93.

[2016] “Myopic Loss Aversion under Ambiguity and Gender Effects” (with I Iturbe and J Tomás). PLoS ONE, 11(12): e0161477. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0161477.

[2015] “Social Preferences and Cognitive Reflection: Evidence from a Dictator Game Experiment” (with I Rodriguez-Lara), Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 9:146. DOI: 10.3389/fnbeh.2015.00146

[2015] “Differential effects of sleep deprivation on risk attitude and inequality aversion: Evidence from an Economic Experiment” (with M Ferrara, A Bottasso, D Tempesta, M Carrieri, L De Gennaro), PLoS ONE, 10(3): e0120029. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0120029.

[2015]  “Social Preferences” (with A Cabrales). In Brañas-Garza P and Cabrales A (eds.), Experimental Economics I: Decisions, Palgrave, 87-104.

[2014] “Preference Intensity in Positional Voting” (joint with A Laruelle, R Martinez and E Mata-Pérez). Theoretical Economics Letters, 4, 727-38.

[2012]  “Social vs. Risk Preferences under the Veil of Ignorance” (with N Frignani). Economics Letters, 116, 143-6.

[2012] “Prosocial norms and degree heterogeneity in social networks” (with P Brañas, R Cobo, MP Espinosa, N Jiménez and J Kovarik), Physica A, 391, 849-53.

[2012] “Strategic Interaction and Conventions” (with MP Espinosa and J Kovarik). Revista Internacional de Sociología, 70(x1), 15-26.

[2011] “Preferencias sociales” (with A Cabrales). In Brañas-Garza P (ed.), Economía Experimental y del Comportamiento, Antoni Bosch, 109-24.

[2011] “Error Cascades in Sequential Guessing: an Experiment on the Chinos Game” (with F Feri, MA Meléndez and F Vega), Games & Economic Behavior, 73, 136–146.

[2011] “Electromyographic Activity of Hand Muscles in a Motor Coordination Game: Effect of Incentive Scheme and Its Relation with Social Capital” (with R Canto, R Censolo, L Craighero, L Fadiga and L Rizzo). PLoS ONE 6(3), e17372. DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0017372.

[2011] “Framing Effects in Public Goods: Prospect Theory and Experimental Evidence” (with I. Iturbe, J Tomas and L Ubeda). Games & Economic Behavior, 72, 439-47.

[2010] “Social Preferences and Strategic Uncertainty: an Experiment on Markets and Contracts” (with A. Cabrales, R Miniaci and M Piovesan) American Economic Review, 100, 2261-78.

[2010] “On the Adjudication of Conflicting Claims: An Experimental Study” (with C Herrero and JdD Moreno-Ternero), Social Choice & Welfare, 34(1), 145-179.

[2010] “Altruism and Social Integration” (with P Brañas, R Cobo, MP Espinosa, N Jiménez and J Kovarik), Games & Economic Behavior, 69, 249–257.

[2009] “Experimental Economics Made in Italy” (with N O’Higgins). Research in Economics, 63(4), 213-5.

[2009] “Positional Learning with Noise” (with E Carbone). Research in Economics, 63(4), 225-41.

[2009] “Education, Reputation or Network? Evidence from Italy on Migrant Workers Employability” (with S Mancinelli, M Mazzanti, and N Piva), Journal of Socio Economics, 39, 64–71.

[2009] “Investment Incentives in Procurement Auctions: an Experiment” (with V Grimm, F Mengel and LA Viianto), in Hinlopen A and Norman T (eds.), Experiments and Competition Policy, Cambridge University Press, 267-300.

[2008] “Fixed Price plus Rationing: an Experiment” (with V Grimm and J Kovarik), Experimental Economics, 11, 402-422.

[2008] “Social Capital or Economic Rents? An experimental study” (with L Crudeli and S Mancinelli), Rationality & Society, 20, 311-342.

[2003] “Solomon’s Dilemma: An Experimental Study on Dynamic Implementation” (with A Gantner, D López-Pintado and R Montgomery), Review of Economic Design, 8, 217-239.

[2002] “A Backward Induction Experiment” (with K Binmore, J McCarthy, L Samuelson and A Shaked), Journal of Economic Theory, 104, 48-88.

[2000] “Implementation, Elimination of Weakly Dominated Strategies and Evolutionary Dynamics” (with A Cabrales), Review of Economic Dynamics, 3, 247-282.

[2000] “Cycles of Learning in the Centipede Game”, Games & Economic Behavior, 30(1), 115-141.

[2000] “Splitting the Baby in Two: How to Solve Solomon’s Dilemma when Agents are Boundedly Rational”, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 10(4), 449-455.

[2000] “Continuous-Time Evolutionary Dynamics and their Economic Applications”, Research in Economics, 54, 187-214.

[1999] “Evolutionary Stability of Inequality Structures” (with R Seymour), Rationality & Society, 11(1): 47-78.

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