Recent publications

“Nonoptimality of the Friedman Rule with Capital Income Taxation”, forthcoming in the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking

“Two-Sector Perspectives on the Effects of Payroll Tax Cuts and Their Financing” (with E.S. Phelps), Journal of Public Economics, 2009.

“The Incidence of a Tax on Pure Rent Rent in a Small Open Economy” Journal of Public Economics, 2006, 90, 921-933.

“Capital Subsidies versus Labor Subsidies: A Trade-off Between Capital and Employment” , (with E.S. Phelps) Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 2005, 37, 907-22.

“Money, Growth and Finite Horizons”, Economics Letters, 2005, 86, 259-263.

“Money, Endogenous Fertility and Economic Growth”, Journal of Macroeconomics, 2003, 25, 527-539.

“Devaluation (Levels versus Rates) and Balance of Payments in a Cash-in-Advance Economy”, Journal of International Money and Finance, 2003, 22, 697-707.

“Consumption Taxation and Endogenous Growth in a Model with New Generations”, International Tax and Public Finance, 2002, 9, 553-566.

“Will Italy Survive Globalization?” (with B. Quintieri), in S. Arndt-H. Kierzkowski (eds.), Fragmentation. New Production Patterns in the World Economy, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2001, 187-208.

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