Legal issues in marketing [EN]

Legal issues in marketing [EN]
Prof. Roberto Pardolesi Dr. Antonio Davola

LUISS Guido Carli
Department of Business and Management
Master of Science degree in Marketing

Academic year 2019/2020
1st semester



The calendar of the lectures of the course Legal issues in marketing (Department of Business and Management, Master of Science degree in Marketing), co-held by Prof. Roberto Pardolesi and Dr. Antonio Davola during the 1st semester of the academic year 2019/2020, is available at the following link.



The syllabus of the course is available in the section Cattedre Online of the university’s website.


LUISS Learning

The section of the course on the LUISS Learning portal is available at the following link.


Office hours

Prof. Roberto Pardolesi, on Tuesday, from h. 09:30 to h. 10:30, room no. 507, 5th floor offices, Viale Romania 32, Rome.



Prof. Roberto Pardolesi, Dr. Antonio Davola, and the teaching assistant Dr. Paolo Caprile are available for students as well at the following e-mail addresses:

Prof. Roberto Pardolesi

Dr. Antonio Davola

Dr. Paolo Caprile