Noemi Pace is currently Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics, University Ca’ Foscari of Venice and fellow at the Centre for Economic and International Studies at University of Rome, Tor Vergata.

Her fields of concentration are applied microeconomics, health economics and experimental economics. In particular, She is trying to answer to both questions related to economic behaviour under risk and ambiguity and questions related to health economics and more precisely on how different health care systems affect health care demand, supply and health outcomes.

She was previously Research Fellow at the Centre for International Health and Development at University College London where she was involved in research projects on the equity of health care expenditure in developing settings, and on the role of networks in development programs’ and on their economic impact.

She holds a B.A. in Economics, a Master Degree in Development Economics and a PhD in Economic Theory and Institutions from the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

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Articles published in books

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