Students can now login in turnitin to check their essay grades.


To submit your seminar paper:, class number 14022853, password comphist


This is the link to the dropbox folder with the syllabus, the readings for the seminars, and other documents and presentations that are used during the lectures:


And this is the link to the doodle for the organisation of the seminars:


Presentations calendar:


1 Constitutional patriotism in Italy
9 Bonn Germany



12 Consensus Britain
14 Spain



8 Weimar Germany
3 1994 Italy
5 Fourth and Third Republic France



4 Vichy France
7 Fifth Republic France



2 Fascism and Republic in Italy
11 The Labour government in Britain
13 Thatcher and thatcherism



6 Fourth Republic France
10 Shoah
Remember: each of the two opposed groups has 10 minutes for stating their case.
Respecting the time limit that you are given is part of the exercise!

Each group must send me the outline of their presentation in advance. Deadlines for sending the outlines are:

– Sunday 13 November for those presenting on the 17th and 18th;

– Sunday 20 November for those presenting on the 24th and 25th;

– Sunday 27 November for those presenting on the 1st and 2nd of December.


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