Course Communications

A written test will be held on 29 November 2016, according to the regular timetable (14:00-15:30). The written test is not mandatory and students may choose to take only the oral exam on due dates.

Those who are interested in the written test should inform Professor Deli ( and Professor Mauro ( sending an e-mail not later than 25 November 2016.

These the subjects to be prepared for the written test:
– general characteristics of the IOs 
– general principles of international law applied by the IOs 
– WB group

The remaining subjects will be the object of the oral exam on due dates.

The written test will consist of 4 questions. Answers (at least 3 out of 4) should not be longer than one page each.

The results of the test will be considered as part of the final evaluation during the oral exam but only for the first exam session (until January-February). 
Those who are not satisfied with the results of the written test may simply prepare for the oral exam on the full program without considering excluded the subjects of the written test. 

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