I am an Associate Professor at Università degli Studi di Foggia in Applied Economics. I teach Economics of Innovation, Industrial Organisation and Managerial Economics.

I hold a PhD from Università dell’Insubria and a MA from the University of Sussex (UK). I have been a Marie Curie Fellow at SPRU, University of Sussex (UK). As part of my previous work experience, I have been the teaching coordinator of the Finmeccanica Master in International Business Engineering and a Science & Technology Policy Specialist at Technopolis Group, Brighton (UK).

My research interests include innovation, technology transfer, geography of innovation and industrial districts. My core research area is innovation policy. I have carried out extensive empirical work on innovation activities in SMEs and clusters, on university knowledge transfer, on university funding and governance.

I have been involved in several evaluations of European innovation policy schemes such as ERDF-funded innovation initiatives, DG-Regio Regional Programmes of Innovative Actions (RPIA), the DG-Enterprise & Industry Regional Innovation Monitor (RIM) and the Framework Programmes. I have carried out consultancy work for several not-for-profit and private organisations in the area of cost-benefit analysis and in the estimation of the socio-economic impact of industrial investments.

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