Research interests
Banking, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Innovation and Export

Main Journal Articles

1. Not all banks are equal. Cooperative banking and income inequality 2020, Economic Inquiry, forthcoming (with R. Minetti and V. Peruzzi).

2. Financial Constraints, Firms’ Supply Chains and Internationalization, 2019, Journal of the European Economic Association17(2), 327-375 (with R. Minetti, Z. Rotondi and S. Zhu).

3. Credit Relationships in the Great Trade Collapse. Micro Evidence from Europe, 2019, Journal of Financial Intermediation, 40, 100809 (with G. Ferri and R. Minetti).

4. Credit Crunches, Asset Prices and Technological Change, 2019, Review of Economic Dynamics, 32, 153-179 (with L. Araujo, Q. Cao and R. Minetti).

5. Family Firms and Access to Credit: Is Family Ownership Beneficial?, 2019, Journal of Banking and Finance, 101, 173-187 (with V. Peruzzi).

6. Banking Development, Socioeconomic Structure and Income Inequality, 2019, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 157, 428-451 (with A. D’Onofrio and R. Minetti).

7. Bank lending technologies and credit availability in Europe. What can we learn from the crisis? , 2019, Journal of International Money and Finance, 95, 128-148 (with G. Ferri, V. Peruzzi and Z. Rotondi).

8. Countries lending infrastructure and capital structure determination: The case of European SMEs, 2017, Journal of Corporate Finance, 43, 122-138 (with A. McNamara and S. O Donohoe).

9. Ownership Structure, Governance and Innovation: Evidence from Italy, 2015, European Economic Review, 80, 165-193 (with R. Minetti and M. Paiella).

10. Do Firm-Bank “Odd Couples” Exacerbate Credit Rationing?, 2015, Journal of Financial Intermediation, 24, 231-251 (with G. Ferri).

11.  Family Firms, Corporate Governance, and Export, 2015, Economica, 82, 1177-1216. (with R. Minetti and S. Zhu).

12.  Bank Support and Export: Evidence from Small Italian Firms, 2014, Small Business Economics, 42(2), 245-264 (with F. Bartoli, G. Ferri and Z. Rotondi).

13. SME financing and the choice of lending technology in Italy: complementarity or substitutability?, 2013, Journal of Banking and Finance, 37(12), 5476-5485 (with F. Bartoli, G. Ferri and Z. Rotondi).

14.  Bank-firm relations and the role of Mutual Guarantee Institutions at the peak of the crisis, 2013, Journal of Financial Stability, 90, 90-104, (with F. Bartoli, G. Ferri and Z. Rotondi).

15. The determinants of innovation: What is the role of risk?, 2013, The Manchester School, 81(3), 293-323.

Papers revise & resubmit, submitted and completed

1. Relationship Lending and Employment decisions in firms’ bad times (with A. Zazzaro and T. Oliviero).

2. Relationship Finance, Informed Liquidity, and Monetary Policy (with L. Araujo and R. Minetti).

3. Credit Markets, Relationship Banking and Firm Entry Dynamics (with Q. Cao, P. Giordani and R. Minetti).

4. Growing through Spinoffs. Corporate Governance, Entry, and Innovation (with M. Iacopetta and R. Minetti).

5. Happy Families: types, ties and multidimensional wellbeing (with D. De Rosa and M. Rizzolli).

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