Reading material

First lesson Oct 14th:

Norris, 2008


Acemoglu D. and J.A. Robinson

Second lesson Oct. 21th:

Dahl, R.A., Shapiro, I., Cheibub J.A.(2003), eds., The Democracy Sourcebook, Cambridge, Massachusetts, London, England: The MIT Press. TO READ THIS, PLEASE CONTACT PROF. MORLINO

Morlino, L. 2008 “Democracy and Changes: how Research Tails Reality”

Rothstein, B. (2011)

Third lesson Oct.28th:

Diamond L.  2002 “Thinking about Hybrid Regimes”

Linz, J.J. (1964)

Morlino, L. (2011)

Fourth lesson Nov. 11th:

Morlino, L. (2011)

O’Donnell Schmitter_Transitions_ pag 1-36 1986


Fifth lesson Nov.18th:


Morlino, L. (2011)

Sixth lesson Nov.25th:

Huntington, 1991 pag 85-108

Magen and Morlino_International-Actors_2008


Seventh Lesson Dec.2th:


Morlino, L. (2011)

Eighth lesson Dec. 9th:

Merkel et al. On the quality of democracy (see website)

Teorell et, Quality of Government (see website)

Morlino, L. (2011)

Diamond, L.& Morlino, L.

Ninth lesson Dec.16th:

Morlino, L. (2011)










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