Part 1: (Fitoussi)

The critical nature of the course does not allow a unique textbook. However, together with the slides presented during classes, the following books can be useful as background text for some of the topics.

Burda, M., and Wyplosz, C., 2013. Macroeconomics: a European text. 6th edition. Oxford university Press. This book is a useful background for the analysis of the different economic theories and models.

De Grauwe, P., 2014. Economics of the Monetary Union. 10th edition. Oxford university Press. This book provides a useful background for the study of European Monetary and Fiscal policies. See in particular chapters 8-10.


Part 2: (Messori)

The analysis of very recent or current issues means that it is impossible to refer to a specific textbook. The references for the final exam are based on a set of slides. The slides, referring to a given lesson, will be made available to students in advance (three days before).
However, in order to have a general and analytical view on the economic workings of the Euro area, you can refer to:
P. De Grauwe, Economics of Monetary Union, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016 (Tenth edition).
A stimulating analysis of the evolution of EU governance since the creation of the Euro area is offered in:
C. Bastasin, Saving Europe, Brookings Institution Press, Washington, 2015 (Second edition).
For an overview of the evolution of the international crisis (2007-’09), you can refer to:
M. Messori, The Financial Crisis: Understanding it to Overcome it,, 2009.

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