Due to unexpected problems, I will be unable to take the scheduled class of Tuesday 29th at 11.30 a.m.. Hence this class is cancelled. The next lesson will be regularly delivered September 30th (at 12:00). Moreover, it was already planned that the class of October 6th at 11:30 would  have been postponed to October 21st. Hence, please note that the class of Tuesday 6th is cancelled.
Despite the unexpected event of September 29th, the remaining scheduled classes will be sufficient to cover the planned number of lessons for the first part of the course in European Economics. It will remain just the problem to recover the 40 minutes which we lost due to my delayed arrival last Tuesday. Last week I was not troubled about this delay since there was a further class left available. Unfortunately, this does not remain true after the unplanned cancellation of the Tuesday 29th class. Hence my suggestion is to have the last class at October 27th at 11.30 (as usual). This last class will be devoted to complete the program (40/45 minutes), and to answer to your general questions the day before the mid-term exam (see below). Let me know if there is any problem with respect to this program. In any case, we will devote few minutes to discuss the possible problems at the end of the next class.
Moreover, let me announce you that the Mid-term exam will be held October 28th at 12:00 o’ clock at day.
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