Exam Rules

Assessment method

    The exam consists of a mandatory written test (see below) and and optional theory test exam, if the written test is sufficient (grade>=18).

Written exam

  • The written exam is a written test of practical exercises. It is passed if the grade is at least 18/30. It includes 4 exercises:

    • Exercise 1 (8 pts.): Vector Spaces and Subspaces, Orthogonality, Vector Functions;
    • Exercise 2 (6 pts.): Infinite Sequences and Series.
    • Exercise 3 (8 pts.): Functions of Several Variables;
    • Exercise 4 (8 pts.): Multiple Integrals;

    The length of the written exam is 2.5 hours. Review of papers is possible the day of the oral exam and also by an appointment for another day.

  • Mock of the Written Exam (available soon)
  • Partial test assessment method. The written exam can be passed also through two partial tests. The first partial test is a midterm exam (corresponding to 50% of the final grade) scheduled for the first week of November 2017, the second partial test is a final exam at the first exam session (corresponding to 50% of the final grade). All the information about the grading method can be found at the following link:

    Guidelines for the partial tests
    Midterm Mock of the Mid-term (1) (Solution)
    Midterm Mock of the Mid-term (2)(Solution to Ex.1-2, and Solution to Ex.3, in Lesson 15)

  • Three exercises on the following topics: Vector Spaces and Subspaces, Orthogonality, Vector Functions and Infinite Sequences and Series.

Final exam (scheduled for December 2017)

      Three exercises on the following topics: Functions of Several Variables and Multiple Integrals:

    • Exercise 1 (10 points): Determination of the Domain of a function of two or three variables. Determination of the level sets. Computation of the partial derivatives and the tangent plane.
    • Exercise 2 (12 points): Computation of the stationary points for a function of two variables. Determination of the nature of the stationary points through the use of the Hessian Matrix.
    • Exercise 3 (10 points): Computation of a double integral on a simple domain. Computation of a double integral through polar coordinates.
    • Final Mock (1) (Solution)
    • Final Mock (2) (Solution)
    • Final Mock (3) (Solution)
    • Final Mock (4) (Solution)

Theory Test Exam

    The theory test exam consists of (3-4) questions (in written form) to assess the level of learning outcomes related to theoretical foundations of the course. The questions cover the whole course program and the assigned grade determines an adjustment between -2 and 4 of the written test mark, thus yielding the final grade. The theory test is optional and the student can access to the oral test only if the written exam grade is at least 18/30. If the student decides not to take the theory test exam, he/she can register a maximum grade of 24 (grade = min(Z,24), where Z = written test grade). If the student takes the theory test exam obtaining Y points, the final grade is Z+Y.

  • List of possible topics
  • Mock of the Theory Test Exam
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