Managerial Decision Making

Lectures: Wednesday 18-19:30; Thursday 12.15-13.45

Office hours: Wednesday 10.00-12.00 or by appointment

The END-OF-TERM EXAM will take place on Friday 24th May at 14.00


PART 1 – Individual decision making:

Material posted on (first week).

PART 2 – Game Theory

The following chapters of the book Joel Watson, “Strategy. An Introduction to Game Theory”, Norton:

Chaps 1-7, 9, 11, 14

Chap 15, except the paragraphs “The SPE of the Stackelberg Duopoly Game”, “Technical notes” and “Conditional Dominance and Forward Induction”

Chap 18

Chap 19, except the paragraphs: “Infinite-Period, Alternating-Offer Game” and ”Multilateral Bargaining”

Chap 22, except the paragraph “The Equilibrium Payoff Set with Low Discounting”

Chaps 24-26

Chap. 27, except the paragraph “Information Aggregation”

Additional material, problem sets with solutions are posted on Learn.Luiss:

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