Working Papers



Knowledge Based Capital and Value Creation in Global Supply Chains, by Cecilia Jona-Lasinio, Stefano Manzocchi and Valentina Meliciani Industrial and Corporate Change _ Submission July 2017

Intangible Assets And Participation In Global Value Chains: An Analysis On A Sample Of European Countries, LUISS Lab of European Economics working paper # 129, 16129[5]

Internal vs. External Firm Productivity Drivers. A Study of the Italian Counties, LUISS Lab Working Paper n. 112, June 2014, with Beniamino Quintieri and Gianluca Santoni. 14112

“Intangible assets and productivity growth differentials across EU economies: The role of ICT and R&D”, LUISS Lab Working Paper n. 102, with C. Jona-Lasinio, November 2012 downloadable from the LUISS Lab website.

  “Intangible capital and Productivity Growth in European Countries” , LUISS Lab Working Paper n. 91, with C. Jona-Lasinio, M. Iommi, April 2011 downloadable from the LUISS Lab website.

 ” Il costo del non-merito” LUISS Lab Working Document n. 78, published as Chapter 7 of “3rd Rapporto LUISS “Generare Classe Dirigente 2009”, by Stefano Manzocchi and Giovanna Vallanti (LUISS, Department of Economics, and LUISS Lab), February 2009.  

Political Regime and FDI from Advanced to Emerging Countries, Selen Sarisoy Guerin and Stefano Manzocchi, March 2008,  .

Political Regime and Vertical Vs. Horizontal FDI – Selen Sarisoy Guerin and Stefano Manzocchi, July 2007,

When FDI Flows from Rich to Poor Countries: Does Democracy Matter? – Selen Sarisoy Guerin and Stefano Manzocchi, December 2006,

Searching for the Determinants of IT Investment in European Countries”“, CEPS Working Document n.199, Bruxelles, 2004 (with P.Guerrieri e C. Jona-Lasinio).

“Outsiders in economic integration. The case of a transition economy”“, CEPR Discussion Paper n° 2385, 2000 (with G. Ottaviano) manzocchi-ottaviano-cepr-dp23851.pdf.

“Transition without Accession”, CEPS Working Document n.134,, Bruxelles, 2000 (with C. Alcidi).

“The Determinants of Foreign Financial Inflows in Central and Eastern Europe and the Implications of the EU Enlargement”, CEPS Working Document n°117, Centre for European Policy Studies,, Brussels, 1998.

External Finance and Foreign Debt in Central and Eastern European Countries”” IMF Working Paper n°97/134, International Monetary Fund,, Washington, 1997

“Are Capital Flows Consistent With the Neo-classical Growth Model? Evidence From a Cross Section of Developing Countries”CEPR Discussion Paper n° 1400 (with P. Martin), manzocchi-martin-cepr-dp1400.pdf.

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