Content – Programma

All topics and chapters listed below are compulsory, apart from all Appendixes and Case Studies which are complementary.

International Trade Theory:

• The Ricardian Model – Chapter 3 (excluding “Comparative Advantage with Many Goods”)
• The Hecksher-Ohlin Model – Chapter 5
• External Economies of Scale – Chapter 7
• Firms in the Global Economy – Chapter 8

Open economy Macroeconomics:

All Topics concerning Exchange Rates, The Balance of Payments and Open Economy Macro-Policies as in the following:

• Chapter 13 (excluding the two case studies);
• Chapter 14 (excluding the case study);
• Chapter 15 (excluding the two case studies);
• Chapter 16 (excluding the case study at page 436);
• Chapter 17 (excluding the case study);
• Chapter 18 (excluding pages 509-514 and the case study).

Additional optional reading :

• Chapter 20.

Evaluation is based on written exams.

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