programma 2018-19


Course Structure

Lectures will be held on the following dates:

  • Monday 8.30 AM 10,00 AM
  • Friday 2.30 PM 4,00 PM

In order to give students an understanding of the theory and practices typical of the luxury industry, the course structure has been divided into two main areas:

  1. Lessons: As detailed in the course calendar, lessons will be primarily based on ex-cathedra style where we ask each student to actively participate during the class in order to discuss the principles associated with the course. This participation is paramount as a portion of each student’s grade is going to be assessed by the degree and quality of the discussion that will be held in class.
  2. Projects: In parallel to the ex-cathedra activities, this course foresees the development of 2 projects that will be conducted in team environments. The objective of this part of the course is to allow each student to familiarize themselves with the principles and theories presented and discussed during the lectures and apply them to the development of a project in which each group must respond to a company brief that (based on the subject at hand) necessitates the development of an innovative solution to the problem at hand.
    Projects will be developed both during classroom time (for which special Group Work Sessions have been planned) and outside classroom time. Typically, while Group Work Sessions will help project teams organize themselves, allow each group to have a common meeting ground to work together, and allow each group to interact with the course Professors / Assistants, it is strongly recommended that each group develop their own way to dedicate the necessary time to carry out the various tasks associated with this part of the course.

Course Evaluation / Grading scheme

  • .The grading scheme for this course is divided into 3 different parts:

      1. Final exam 0 – 30 points
      Written exam of 6 questions. 1 closed question, 4 open questions, 1 exercise. All the questions are related to the program and the slides provided with the course. Each question is worth 5 points, available time: 90 minutes.

      2. Mid term test 0 – 15 points Written exam of 5 questions, related to the part of the program that has been delivered at the date. Available time 60 minutes. The students that will accept the evaluation of the mid term test will receive a final test of 4 questions, worth 0 – 15 points, to be completed in 45 minutes.
      The mid term test is valid only for the students that attend the first session of the final exam.

      3. Course Projects 0 – 3 additional points Each project will be evaluated on the quality of the analyses, concept(s), project plan and presentations that will be conducted/presented during the course of the semester.
      The class will be divided in groups and each group will receive 2 assignements during the semester.
      Each project will be globally evaluated with the following scale 0 points: unsufficient; 1 point: sufficient; 2 points: good; 3 points: excellent. The final evaluation of this component is the average of the 2 projects

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