Programma A.A. 2019/2020

The course is designed to provide a solid foundation in business, corporate, and tax legal terminology and theories, language use and strategy for students who will be working in the field of business law in an international context.

The course develops the participants’ ability to recognize, understand, and discuss business & legal languages and theories of a cross-border deal.

Students have the opportunity to sharpen their oral communication skills by focusing on effective oral presentations.

Instruction combines a review of the standard theories and terminology of Anglo-American legal systems with the study of sentence and paragraph structures that characterize persuasive legal writing and argumentation.

Classes are conducted using Socratic method which emphasizes questioning of the students by the professor.

In the process of discussing legal topics students have also the opportunity to enhance their English language skills including discussion techniques, principles, and strategies of oral and written argument, and informal debate while building self-confidence in knowledge the legal English language.


By following a practical approach the course describes for the students, who will be actively involved in the class discussions, how to proceed on a step-by-step basis in a business deal and how to relate to the various players involved.

Main topics include:

I. Managing the client relationship and other ethical issues

II. Forming a team

III. Dealing with other constituencies (employees, customers, suppliers, creditors, communities, charities, etc.)

IV. Planning for a deal

V. Embarking on the deal process

VI. Understanding accounting principles, financial statements, and business valuation

VII. Negotiating the deal

VIII. Pacing the deal and negotiation impediments

IX. Conducting due diligence

X. Preparing the transaction’s agreements and related documents

XI. Getting from agreement to closing

XII. Coping with the troubled deal

XIII. Closing the deal

XIV. Handling post-closing matters

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