Economic Growth



Welcome to the course on Economic Growth and Development. In this course we will learn the main facts about economic growth, see what questions these facts raise, and study various theories that try to answer these questions. The course will teach advanced material on growth, but in simple ways, so it is accessible to students. I wish you all an exciting course.


The reading list is on the website. In the first week all three meetings will be by the professor, as it is too early for practice, so we meet on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The class of Monday, 20.2.2017 is cancelled. In the second week there will be two meetings with the professor, Tuesday and Wednesday. Practice begins in the third week, on 28.2.2017.


The reading list has been updated about course requirements. I did not know that LUISS started to have a week for midterms. Once I learned on that, I take the opportunity. There will be a midterm exam on March 27. Please see the new Reading List for the relative weights of final exam, midterm exam and problem sets.

I just remind you again that there is no class next Monday and we meet on Tuesday.


Problem Set No. 1 is in the website. Please submit it until Tuesday, March 7.


Remind that practice begins tomorrow at 6:45 pm. For the problem sets, you are required to do it in pairs; please send an email to the TA ( with the name of the 2 components of each group. Groups are the same for all problem sets.


There has been a mistake in PS 1, where the letter d appeared in question 2 instead of the letter n. The new problem set in the website is the correct one. Due to this mistake we give you more days to submit the problem set, until Friday.


There is a new version of presentation 5 in the website.


There is a new version of presentation 3 in the website, to take care of the graphics of equations.


Problem Set No. 2 is in the website. Please submit until 28.3.2017.


Presentation 6 is in the web site.


We say goodbye to Polivalente… The midterm next week will be in 403. Starting Monday April 3rd, our Monday classes will be held at 407.


As a student correctly pointed out, there was a typo in the solution of problem set 1, please be sure to look at the updated file.


The grades of the midterm are in the web-site. Those whose grades are not in the list should contact me asap. My fastest email is


Due to a delay in my flight of a few hours, I cancel the class today. I will teach tomorrow, Tuesday 4.4, instead of the TA. We meet tomorrow at 18:30. Apologies.


As promised we go to pizza on Wednesday (two more days) evening. Place: Il piccolo Diavolo, Via Alessandria, 119 D/E.

Time: Wednesday, 5.4.2017, 8:00 pm.

Menu: Pizza, antipasti, water, red wine. Price for each: 14 Euro.

See you all there.


Problem Set No. 3 is in the website. Please submit until April 25.


In PS 3 there is reference to data on regions from 1960 to 1996. You can find data after 1995 in Istat. Note that if you use the two data sets you need to combine them by chaining. You use for that the year 1995, which is common to both data sets.


After having the grades of all for the mid-term, and given that this is the first time in this course that I run a mid-term, I have decided to allow people to not accept the grade in the following way: Those who choose ‘no’ will send me an explicit email asking it and for them the grade will be only that of the final exam (75% in the first two and 100% in the following exams). Those who choose to keep the grade will not write me and for them the mid-term will be part of the grade as explained in the recent reading list.


Alexandra will not be able to give the practice tomorrow at Tuesday.


Problem No. 4 is at the website. It is due until May 16.


An extra review session with TA will be today at 18:45 in A403 as usual.


Grades are on this site and also sent to you. You all did well. The student who did not submit problem sets, please contact me by mail.


All the exams , both of final 1 and of the midterm, are in my mailbox in LUISS, 5th floor. Please pick them up.



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