Please check to LUISS Syllabi site to the updated 2016 version. The following syllabus has not to be considered official and it is for the only purpose of general information (current syllabus is not far from the following).


Lesson 1 Introduction to Information Technology ii
Lesson 2 The Internet & the World Wide Web 1
Lesson 3 Software: Tools for Productivity & Creativity. Desktop Virtualization 2,3
Lesson 4 The CPU & Storage 4
Lesson 5 Hardware: Input & Output: Taking Charge of Computing & Communications 5
Lesson 6 The Challenges of the Digital Age 6
Lesson 7 Databases & Information Systems: Digital Engines for Today’s Economy 7
Lesson 8 Internet Applications 8
Lesson 9 Communications, Networks, & Safeguards 9
Lesson 10 Computer and Network security 10
Lesson 11 The Google case:search engine, advertisement, auctions App. B
Lesson 12 Intranets and extranets App. A
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