Information on the exam and assessment

The main exam is composed by seven questions, covering the whole course programme.

Students attending the course (students that have not missed more than 20% of the classes) can take the exam in two parts – 4 questions in the mid-term exam, to be held on the 9th week of the course, and 3 questions at the end of the course.

Students not attending the course will have to take the entire exam (7 questions) altogether.

Students who took the mid-term exam can take the second part of the exam until the end of the winter session.

Presentations (only for students attending the course) can add up to two points to the final mark. Students who want to participate in class presentations must sign up for them in the first weeks of the course. Presentations can be done by one to four students in each class (one or two students for each of the two groups). Presentations assigned on the basis of one class’ topic will be presented to the class at the beginning of the following class (e.g. the group task assigned in session 7 is to be presented at the beginning of session 8).

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