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Gian Maria Gros-Pietro (1942) graduated in Economics at the Università di Torino in 1964.

He immediately entered a full-time, post-graduate activity in the same University, in three different roles: a traditional teaching position as Assistant to the Chair of Industrial and Commercial Techniques in the Faculty of Economics; an innovative assistant position, at the School of Business Administration, where new teaching techniques were experimented, mixing the experience of full professors, the knowledge of active executive managers and the support of young assistants; a research position at Ceris (Center of Research on Enterprise and Development), a joint-venture between the University and the National Research Council, where he started working on projects of applied economics.

For several years he developed the three lines above mentioned, learning from research and experimental teaching activities. At the Faculty of Economics he moved in 1971 to the course of  Business Economics, becoming full professor in 1980. At theBusinessSchoolhe worked in different areas of the Department of Production, of which he took the direction in 1969; in 1972 he left the School to concentrate his teaching activity in the Faculty. At Ceris he was appointed Director in 1974; he transformed it into an Institute of the National Research Council, that became its most important in the economic field.

As a researcher, professor Gros-Pietro developed techniques for the analysis of industrial sectors based on the published financial statements of the companies; he studied the structure of industries; the economics of management; investment analysis; business innovation and innovative strategies.

Under his duties as a member of the National Research Council he was active in many  National and International research projects, in Mechanical Technologies, Robotics, Next Generation Manufacturing Program, Innovative Technologies for the Textile Industry. In his quality of Director of Ceris, he was requested, since the middle of the70’, of many contributions and advising activities to the Italian government and legislative authorities. In 1994 he was appointed as a member of the Advisory and Guarantee Committee for Privatisations (Comitato Draghi).

In 1997 he was appointed by the Government CEO of IRI, the main State-owned holding, with the mandate of privatising its participations. The mandate was fulfilled by nearly tripling the enterprise value of the holding. At the end of 1999 the Government moved him to the Chair of Eni, the State-owned oil giant. There the mandate was to increase the EV after years of restructuring and downsizing, and compensate for the liberalization of the gas market inItaly, traditionally the main source of profits for the company. Eni expanded its upstream activity and, for the first time in its history, launched public offers for listed companies, winning control of  British Borneo and Lasmo. Between 1999 and 2002 the capitalisation of Eni passed from 40 to 60 billion euro.

From 2002 through 2010 he served as non-executive Chairman of Atlantia (previously named Autostrade); the company, listed and privately owned, underwent a large LBO on its operating branch, reducing the cost of its financial structure and launching the largest infrastructural investment program of its history. In this period he restarted teaching at theUniversityofTurin, that he had left aside during the service in Iri and Eni. In 2004 he moved into his present position al Luiss, where he is Full Professor of Business Economics. He served as Head of the Department of Economics and Business since 2004 to 2011 and is now a member of the newly created Department of Business and Management.

He is a member of SIE – the Italian Economists’ Society, and of SIEPI, the Italian Society of Industrial Economics and Policy; a member of the Scientific Committees of the Reviews “L’Industria” and “Mercato, concorrenza, regole” and Chairman of the Scientific Committees of Nomisma and Cotec Foundation. He is a member of the board  of the listed companies  Fiat, Edison, Credito Valtellinese, Caltagirone, Italy1 Investment.

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