ROME – Mathematical Methods for Economics and Finance 2018-2019 FIRST PART


(2) Please bring at every lecture of Wednesday the corresponding slides which you find at point (F1) below.

(1) The course starts Wednesday, September 12, h. 9-13, at Luiss,  viale Romania. Prof. Gozzi will briefly present the course and then start the lecture.

Please bring at the first lecture a printed version of the file


that you find at point (F1) below.



In this page you can find, beyond all up-to-date news about the course, the following material.

(A) Teachers and time table

(B) Office hours

(C) Textbooks

(D) Preliminary program and effective one

(E) Exam rules

(F) The material for the first part of the course


(A) Teachers and time table.

Teacher: prof. Fausto Gozzi (Full Professor at Luiss).

The first part of the course starts Wednesday, September 12 and ends Thursday, October 18 with the following schedule:

Wednesday 9 – 10.30 and 11-12.30 at Luiss, LECTURE;

Thursday 14.45 – 16.15, at EIEF, EXERCISES;

Students which have problems in following the course may take advantage of the so-called “academic gym”

and of the tutoring

In particular, within the tutoring, it will be possible ask for clarifications on the prerequisites of the course which are not treated at the lectures.

(B) Office hours.

Fausto Gozzi: After the lectures of Wednesday or by appointment (to agree personally or by email at fgozzi at luiss dot it).

(C) Textbooks

Main textbooks
Authors: Simon, Blume,
Title: Mathematics for economists
Editor: Norton


Other textbooks

Authors: Lawrence E. Spence, Arnold J. Insel, Stephen H. Friedberg Title: Elementary Linear Algebra
Editor: Pearson Education

Author: James Stewart
Title: Calculus (International Metric Edition)
Editor: Brooks/Cole; International Edition

Author: Michael C. Delfour
Title: Introduction to Optimization and Differential Calculus
Editor: SIAM


(D) Preliminary program and effective one

Here is the line to the preliminary program published on the Luiss site:

Final program of the same course of last year


Down here is the program effectively taught with reference to the textbook and other didactic material (updated almost every week).

It is fundamental to recall that the program taught or summarized at the precourse will not be repeated during the course. Such program will be part of the basic knowledge needed to understand the course. People who did not follow the precourse is invited to study carefully (solving the exercises) the material found at the precourse site.

After the first lecture we will provide you with a self-evaluation test to help you to understand better your personal knowledge. Here it is


Thursday, September 20 we will put the solutions of the test,  together with a brief guide to self-evaluation.


(E) Exams rules

Written Mid-term Exam on Friday, November 2 afternoon (to be confirmed).


(F) The material for the first part of the course

(F1) Slides used at the lectures




(F2) Tutorials with various exercises to solve


(F3) Exercises to solve and bring on Wednesdays: you will find every Saturday morning a file with exercises to solve and bring at the lecture of the following Wednesday.


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