Bielefeld Course, May 2018

Here you find the material of the course


1 – Slides


2 – Course on Dynamic Programming (here pick only the part in continuous time: pages 21-22, 41-54, 60-62)



2- Slides on a geographical economic problem



3- Homeworks (first tentative version)



4- Homeworks: final version.

The student(s) can choose between two options:

– Solve at least 3 exercises of the following ones, write them in Latex and send them to me.

– Go deeper into a specific part of the program of the course and write a small text of few pages on the subject. The subject must be agreed with the teacher by email.

The choice should be done within 1 month from now and then the student will have another month to conclude the exam. Of course if you do it before it is ok. If you want to conclude the exam later for some reason please contact the teacher by email.



5- Detailed program of the 5 lectures


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