Smart working

Organizational resilience

Coordination and knowledge management in project-based organizations

Institutions, institutional logics and organizations

Organizational improvisation

Organizational serendipity/zemblanity

(Spunti utili/Useful ideas:  – Journal of Organization Design – IdeasForLeaders – ProspettiveInOrganizzazione)

(Per tesi compilative partire da qui/For literature review theses start from hereEmerald – Literature review – Interview Protocol – Useful materials: 1, 2 — Per tesi sperimentali contattare il docente/For research theses please get in touch with your professor)


Criteri di assegnazione della tesi/Criteria for deciding on subject for the final paper

I seguenti elementi NON rappresentano criteri per l’assegnazione della tesi: voto d’esame, media complessiva, conoscenza delle lingue. L’unico criterio è quello temporale, considerato il carico di lavoro annuo del docente nel seguire le tesi. Quindi “prima si verifica la possibilità di svolgere la tesi, meglio è”.

The following items do NOT represent in any case criteria for the professor to supervise your final thesis: course’s grade, average grade, fluency, etc. The only criterion adopted is based on a priority list kept by the instructor considering the annual workload related to supervising students. Hence, “the sooner the better”.



1) MSc ThesisTesi triennali;  Tesi Magistrali

2) Anti-plagiarim University RulesNorme anti-plagio  – Any attempt of plagiarism is an offence to the fiduciary relation which links the supervisor and the candidate

3) Master theses have to deal with one of the subjects listed above – Le tesi possono riguardare uno degli argomenti indicati nella sezione precedente


4a) Students must submit a proposal (max 2 pages, including main references) – Gli studenti devono inviare al docente un’idea di tesi riassunta (max 2 pagine, compresi i principali riferimenti bibliografici) – (See evaluation form/si veda griglia di valutazione)

4b)  After having decided title, methodology and target session (for the graduation), the student must sign up for a free accont on  ( – access codes: 1) Class ID: 11323733; 2) Password: nonsicopia (from this moment you are enrolled with the virtual class “Giustiniano_Theses_2016-2018”)

5) Turnitin is the only interface between the supervisor and the candidate for files exchanges (no emails’ attachments). Please upload one chapter per time. Files submitted by Wednesday will be reviewed by the next coming week (files uploaded after Wednesday -e.g., during the weekend – will be grouped with the ones of the following week). Please, be so kind to not send emails requesting help or feedback during weekends or in the days in which the university is closed!

6) During the summer break, theses/chapters should be submitted by the third week of July; students will receive their feedback by the first week of September (files sent during the month of August will not be taken in consideration)

7) The manuscript should follow the APA citation standards/L’elaborato deve rispettare gli standard di citazione APA (in-text citations; reference list: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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