PY_Project-Based Organization 2013/14

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On Top Five Take-Aways. This assignment provides a final opportunity for the students to synthesize and share their learning with the instructor and the rest of the class. In doing that, students should reflect on their learning in this class and: write up a list of your “Top Five Take-Aways” from the course; explain why they chose each concept; how to put them into action in daily life; how to use them in the future as a manager.
Grade will be based on the clarity and the feasibility of the concepts expressed. During the last session of the course, each student will have at his/her disposal one minute to express the take-aways. Presentation is informal. The aim is to share experiences. A memo of a pre-set length has to be returned in hard copy or via mail, together with the peer evaluation.


  • (Week 1, lesson 2 – Week 2, lesson 2): Soderlund_Tell_PForm
  • (Week 2, lesson 1): Huemman_Keegan_Turner2006; slides: 25february_2014 (prof. Vicentini)
  • (Weeks 1-4): PBOslot_slides_PBO (1)
  • (Week 5): PBO21March_Chap5
  • (Week 6, lesson 1): Guest speaker – Davide Amabile (Finmeccanica Group) “Knowledge management in PBOs”: KM in PBO_25mar14_print
  • (Week 7, lessons 1-2): PBOs_1st_aprilOn__The_Role_of_Project_Managers
  • (Week 8, lesson 1): PBO_Chap7
  • (Week 8, lesson 2): Assignment: By Friday 11 read carefully the paragraph “Liminality in project-based work” – Textbook, chapter 7.
  • (Week 9, lesson 2): Assignment: By Tuesday, April 29 read carefully from the paragraph “The Role of HR specialists and structure of HR departments: patterns from eight firms” to the paragraph “Line-based and competence-based structures” (included) [Chapter 8]; PBO_Supervisor
  • (Week 10, lesson 1): 6May_2014
  • May 9: Presentations – Groups 1, 2, 3
  • May 13: Presentations – Groups 4, 5
  • (Week 12, lesson 2): Course ending.  Please note: The “Top Five Take-Aways + Group Dynamics” should be retuned in hard copy or sent via mail (send to:, and cc: by May 16, 2014. Please use this file and modify its name according to your data: StudentId_FamiliyName_Name_PBO_GROUPDINAMICS  Delaying or exceeding the maximum number of words will drop the evaluation of the Take-aways to zero.




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