Chi sono – Who I am





Luca Giustiniano

Associate Professor of Business Organization

Dipartimento di Impresa e Management
Viale Romania 32
00197 – Roma 
Phone: +39 06 8522.5946
Email: lgiusti (at) luiss (dot) it (please use your account, if not, non-signed/anonymous emails will not be aswered)
Skype: l.giustiniano
In anno sabbatico fino al 30/9/2015 – On a sabbatical leave till 30/9/2015 (Luiss D.R. 29 – 27-2-2014).
Teaching is learning, especially if the students buy into the project, Oliver E. Williamson (2009 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences), in “Transaction Cost Economics: The Natural Progression”, American Economic Review, 100: 673-690 (June 2010, p. 673).