Assignment criteria

  • Interest in the discipline proved by active participation during the class and final grade;
  • Optimal knowledge of languages for internships abroad;
  • Quality of the thesis proposal and project.

Main topics

  • Geography of international relations;
  • Geographies of global economic systems;
  • Geo-economic strategies and national power;
  • Geopolitics and demographic trends;
  • International migrations;
  • Population and environmental sustainability;
  • Environment, energy, natural resources;
  • Knowledge economy, spatial diffusion of innovation and mobility of highly-qualified human capital;
  • EU territorial policies (e.g.: agriculture, customs, environment, energy, R&I, cohesion, transports);
  • EU external policies (e.g.: climate action, development and cooperation, neighborhood, security, trade, space).

Research methodology

  • Identification of the human-environment dynamics;
  • Analysis of the relational, locational and spatial organization logics;
  • Study of the political and economic phenomena through a spatial and multi-scalar geographical approach.

Thesis supervised

Biblioteca LUISSThesis

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