• Simon Benninga
Financial Modeling, 4th ed.

Financial Modeling is now the standard text for explaining the implementation of financial models in Excel. This long-awaited fourth edition maintains the “cookbook” features and Excel dependence that have made the previous editions so popular. As in previous editions, basic and advanced models in the areas of corporate finance, portfolio management, options, and bonds are explained with detailed Excel spreadsheets.
ISBN: 978-0-262-02728-1 | 976 pp. |2014

Financial Modeling

• Annamaria Olivieri and Ermanno Pitacco
Introduction to Insurance Mathematics

The book aims at presenting technical and financial features of life insurance, non-life insurance, pension plans. The book has been planned assuming non-actuarial readers as its “natural” target, namely – advanced undergraduate and graduate students in Economics, Business and Finance; – professionals and technicians operating in Insurance and pension areas, whose job may regard investments, risk analysis, financial reporting, etc, and hence implies a communication with actuarial professionals and managers. Given the assumed target, the book focuses on technical and financial aspects of insurance, however avoiding the use of complex mathematical tools.
ISBN 978-3-642-16029-5 | 475 pp. | 2011

Introduction to Insurance Mathematics
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