Exams and grades

Structure of the written exams (including the midterm exam)
the written exam is composed by two parts
the first part is composed of 6 multiple choice questions:
Each correct answers awards 2 points
Each wrong answer gives a penalty of -0.66 points
Unanswered questions gives 0 points

Each student will also be asked to give a full explanation for the first question, in order of appearance, that she has answered
(If she answered to Question 1, she should explain that answer. If she did not answer to Question 1, but she answered to Question 2, she should explain that answer, and so forth…)
up to 3 points are awarded for this explanation
All the work for the first part should be documented (at least as a draft). Up to 3 point are awarded for the documentation
A maximum of 16 points will be awarded for the first part

the second part contains more structured exercises and you have to give a convincing explanation for the results. Also questions about theory (definitions, proofs, explanation) will be asked. Some questions may require some reasoning (and not just a mechanical application of the computational tools).
A maximum of 18 points will be awarded for this part.

The grade 30 will be given only to those exams that get 32 points or more. The grade 29 will be given to to those exams that get between 29 and 31 points.

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