Further Readings

the text of the Treaties can be consulted and downloaded on the website:

the EU case law is published on the website:





the ‘Ventotene Manifesto’ by Altiero Spinelli, Eugenio Colorni,  Ernesto Rossi –…/29-il-manifesto-di-ventotene

a translation in English is available here:

the GATT – General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade –

the OECD – Convention on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development –

the European Convention on Human Rights of 1950,

which entered into force in 1953, and instituted the European Court of Human Rights –

the Schuman Declaration of 1950

a plan drafted by the French civil servant and committed federalist, Jean Monnet, which was known as the Schuman Plan, after the French Finance Minister, Robert Schuman, aimed at fostering the relationship between France and Germany –

a translation in English is available here:

the Treaty of Paris, signed in 1951 by France, Germany, Italy and the 3 Benelux countries, to establish a common market in coal and steel in the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), with a limited life of 50 years, to expire in 2002 –

France proposed the setting-up of a European Defence Community (EDC) with a European army, a common budget and joint institutions.

An unofficial translation in English is available here:

the Committee chaired by Paul-Henri Spaak, Belgian Prime Minister, published in 1956 its report:

the own resources to the EU budget, other than national contributions, were introduced in 1969 –

the European Council was established in 1974 –

in 1976 the European Parliament was empowered with direct elections –

after the Fontainebleu European Council summit of 1984, two committees were established to consider Treaty revision and political integration:

– the Adonnino Committee (European identity) –   and

– the Dooge Committee (political reform) –

the White paper, aimed at setting out a long list of the barriers to be removed before the deadline of 1992 –

the SEA Committee chaired by Jacques Delors on Economic and Monetary Union presented a report in 1989 setting out a plan for reaching EMU –





Opinion 1/94 on the WTO Agreement.

Case 22/70 Commission v Council [Tobacco Advertising] [1971] ECR 263.

Cases 3, 4, and 6/76 Kramer [1976] ECR 1279.

Opinion 1/76 On the Draft Agreement Establishing a Laying-up Fund for Inland Waterway Vessels [1977] ECR 741.

Opinion 2/91 On the ILO Convention 170 on Chemicals at Work [1993] ECR 1-1061.

Opinion 2/94 Accession of the Community to the European Human Rights Convention [1996] ECR 1-1759.

Opinion 1/03 Competence of the Community to conclude the new Lugano Convention on jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters [2006] ECR 1-1145.

Opinion 1/94 Competence of the Community to Conclude International Agreements Concerning Services and the Protection of intellectual Property, WTO [1994] ECR 1-5267.

‘Open skies’ litigation:

Case C-466/98 Commission v United Kingdom [2002] ECRI-9427;

Case C-467/98 Commission v Denmark [2002] ECR 1-9519;

Case C-468/98 Commission v Sweden [2002] ECR I-9575;

Case C-469/98 Commission v Finland [2002] ECR 1-9627;

Case C-471/98 Commission v Belgium [2002] ECR I-9681;

Case C-472/98 Commission v Luxembourg [2002] ECR 1-9741;

Case C-475/98 Commission v Austria [2002] ECR 1-9797.

Protocol (No 2) On the Application of the Principles of Subsidiarity and Proportionality.

Annual Report 2010 on Relations Between the Commission and National Parliaments, COM(2011) 345 final.

European Commission, Sept 2009, 40-41, available at: 20090903 en.pdf

Germany v European Parliament and Council case.

Working Time Directive case.

Advocate General Maduro’s Opinion in Case C-58/08 Vodafone.





Cases 117/76 and 16/77 Ruckdeschel v Hauptzollamt Hambourg-St. Annen [1977] ECR 1753.





Regulation (EU) No 211/2011 of the European Parliament and Council on initiative [2011] OJ L65/l.

Joint Declaration of the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission of 13 June 2007 on practical arrangements for the co-decision procedure (Article 251 of the EC Treaty) [2007] OJ C145/5, now be found as Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament (n 5) Annex XX.

Joint Declaration (n 48).

Activity Report of the Delegations to the Conciliation Committee, CM\787539EN.doc, available at:

Protocol (No 36) On Transitional Provisions, Title II. See also Declaration 7, which contains a Draft Council Decision concerning transitional arrangements.

Council Decision 2006/512/EC of 17 July 2006 amending Decision 1999/468/EC laying down the procedures for the exercise of implementing powers by the Commission [2006] OJ L200/ll.

Committee on Legal Affairs, On the Power of Legislative Delegation, A-7 0110/2010, Rapporteur: J. Sjazer.

COM(2009)673 final.

Council17477/09, Implementation of the Treaty of Lisbon, Art290, Art 291, Brussels, 11 Dec 2009; Committee on Legal Affairs A-7 0110/2010 (n 96).

Committee on Legal Affairs JURI/7/02475, Annex 2.

Regulation (EU) No 182/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 February 2011, laying down the rules and general principles concerning mechanisms for control by Member States of the Commission’s exercise of implementing powers [2011] OJ LSS/13.

Annual Policy Strategy.

Commission Legislative and Work Programme.

Policy Achievements in 2005

Synthesis of the Commission’s Management Achievements in 2005, COM(2006)277.

Synthesis of the Commission’s Management Achievements in 2009, COM(2010)281 final, available at:





Case 43/75 Defrenne v Société Anonyme Belge de Navigation Aerienne [1976] ECR 455.

Case 39/72 Commission v Italy [Slaughtered Cow] [1973] ECR 101.

Case C-253/00 Muñoz.

Case 50/76 Amsterdam Bulb BV v Produktschap voor Siergewassen [1977] ECR 137.

Case 9/70 Franz Grad v Finanzamt Traunstein [1970] ECR 825.

Case C-80/06 Carp Snc di L Moleri eV Corsi v Ecorad Srl [2007] ECRI-4473.

Case 148/78 Pubblico Ministero v Tullio Ratti [1979] ECR 1629.

Case C-319/97 Kortas [1999] ECR 1-3143.

Case C-129/96 Inter-Environnement Wallonie ASBL v Region Wallone [1997] ECR 1-7411.

Case C-144/04 Mangoldv Helm [2005] ECRI-9981.

Case C-62/00 Marks & Spencer plc v Commissioners of Customs & Excise [2002] ECR 1-6325.

Case C-91/92 Dori v Recreb Srl [1994] ECR 1-3325.

Case C-212/04 Konstantinos Adeneler et al v Ellinikos Organismos Galaktos (ELOG) [2006] ECR I -6057.

Case C-334/92 Wagner Miret v Fonda de Garantia Salarial [1993] ECR 1-6911.

Case C-105/03 Criminal Proceedings against Maria Pupino [2005] ECRI-5285.

Case C-60/02 Criminal proceedings against X [2004] ECR 1-651.

Case C-168/95 Luciano Arcaro [1996] ECR I-4705.

Case C-321/05 Kofoed vSkatteministeriet [2007] ECRI-5795.

Case C-456/98 Centrosteel v Adipol [2000] ECR 1-6007.

Case C-244/98 Unilever Italia (n 14).

Cases C-240-244/98 Océano Grupo.





Case C-173/03 Traghetti del Mediterraneo SpA v Italy [2006] ECRI-5177.

Cases C-295-298/04 Manfredi.

Case C-15/96 Kalliope Schoning-Kougebetopoulou v Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg [1998] ECRI-47.

Case C-392/93 R v HM Treasury, ex p British Telecommunications plc [1996] ECRI-1631.


Cases C-178-179 and 188-190/94 Dillenkofer v Germany [1996] ECR 1-4845.

Case C-5/94 R v Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, ex p Hedley Lomas [1996] ECR 1-2553.

Case C-470/03 AGM-COS.MET Srl v Suomen valtio and Tarmo Lehtinen.

Case C-452/06 R, ex p Synthon BV v Licensing Authority of the Department of Health [2008] ECR 1..:.7681.

Case C-271/91 Marshall v Southampton and South-West Hampshire Area Health Authority II [1993] ECR 1-4367.

Case C-261/95 Palmisani.

Case C-118/08 Transportes Urbanos y Servicios Generales SAL v Administraci6n del Estado ECR.

Cases C-192-218/95 Société Comateb.

Case C-66/95 Sutton.

Case C-150/99 Stockholm Lindopark.

Case C-201/02 Wells.





Case C-105/03 Criminal Proceedings against Maria Pupino [2005] ECR 1-5283.

Case C-224/97 Ciola v Land Vorarlberg [1999] ECR 1-2517.

Case C-409/06 Winner Wetten v Biirgermeisterin der Stadt Bergheim, 8 Sept 2010.

Case C-213/89 R v Secretary of State for Transport, exp Factortame Ltd and Others [1990] ECR 1-2433.

Case C-118/00 Larsy v INASTI [2001] ECR I-5063.

Case C-314/08 Krzysztof Filipiak.

Cases C-188-189/10 Melki.

Case C-234/04 Kapferer v Schlanck and Schick [2006] ECR 1-2585.

Case C-119/05 Ministero dell’Industria, del Commercia e dell’Artigianato v Lucchini SpA [2007] ECR I-6199.

Case C-2/08 Amministrazione dell’Economia e delle Finanze andAgenzia delle entrate v Fallimento Olimpiclub Srl [2009] ECR I-7501.

Dec 170 of 8 June 1984 in SpA Granital v Amministrazione delle Finanze.

Spa Fragd v Amministrazione delle Finanze, Dec 232 of 21 Apr 1989 (1989) 72 RDI.





Opinion 1/94 (Competence of the Community to conclude international agreements concerning services and the protection of intellectual property).

Opinion 2/00 (Cartagena Protocol).

Case C-94/03 Commission v Council (Action for annulment – Council Decision 2003/106/EC concerning the approval of the Rotterdam Convention).

Cases C-317 and 318/04 European Parliament v Council (PNR – Agreement between the European Community and the United States of America – Passenger Name Records of air passengers transferred to the United States Bureau of Customs and Border Protection).

Cases 3, 4 &6/76 Kramer.

Opinion 2/94 (Accession by the Community to the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms).

Opinion 1/75 (Understanding on a Local Cost Standard).

Opinion 2/91 (Convention Nº 170 of the International Labour Organization concerning safety in the use of chemicals at work).

Opinion 1/78 (International Agreement on Natural Rubber).





Case 29/69 Stauder v City of Ulm [1969] ECR 419.

Case 6/64 Costa v ENEL [1964] ECR 585.

Case 155/79 AM & S Europe Ltd v Commission [1982] ECR 1575.

Case C-550/07 Akzo Nobel Chemicals v Commission, 14 Sept 2010.

Case 149/77 Defrenne v Sabena  {III} [1978] ECR 1365.

Case C-249/96 Grant v South West Trains Ltd [1998] ECR I-621.

Case T-315/01 Kadi v Council and Commission [2005] ECR II-3649.

Case T-112/98 Mannesmannröhren-Werke v Commission [2001] ECR II-729.

Case C-36/02 Omega Spielhallen- und Automatenaufstellungs-GmbH v Oberbürgermeisterin der Bundesstadt Bonn [2004] ECR I-9609.

Case C-244/06 Dynamic Medien Vertriebs GmbH v Avides MediaAG [2008] ECR I-505.

Cases C-122 and 125/99 D v Council [2001] ECR I-4319.

Cases C-20 and 64/00 Booker Aquacultur Ltd and Hydro Seafood GSP v The Scottish Ministers [2003] ECR I-7411.

Case C-303/05 Advocaten voor de Wereld VZW v Leden van de Ministerraad [2007] ECR I-3633.

Case C-305/05 Ordre des barreaux francophones et germanophones et al v Council [2007] ECR I-5305.

Case C-84/95 Bosphorus v Minister for Transport [1996] ECR I-3953.

Case T-229/02 PKK and KNK v Council [2005] ECR II-539.

Case C-355/04 Segi et al v Council [2006] ECR I-5251

Cases C-402 and 415/05 P Kadi & Al Barakaat International Foundation v Council and Commission [2008] ECR I-6351.

Case T-85/09 Kadi v Commission and Council, 30 Sept 2010.

Case T-228/02 Organisation des Modjahedines du peuple d’Iran [OMPI] v Council [2006] ECR II-4665.

Case T-256/07 People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran v Council [PMOI] [2008] ECR II-3019.

Case T-284/08 People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran v Council {II} [2008] ECR II-3487.

Case T-253/04 KONGRA-GEL v Council [2008] ECR II-46.

Case T-318/01 Othman v Council and Commission [2009] ECR II-1627;

Cases C-399 and 403/06 P Hassan and Ayadi v Council and Commission [2009] ECR I-11393.

Case T-47/03 Sison v Council [2009] ECR II-148.

Case T-341/07 Sison v Council {II} [2009] ECR II-3625.

Case T-327/03 Al-Aqsa v Council [2007] ECR II-79.

Case T-348/07 Al-Aqsa v Council {II}, 9 Sept 2010.

Case 374/87 Orkem v Commission [1989] ECR 3283.

Funke v France, Series A, No 256A.

Case C-199/92 Hüls v Commission [1999] ECR I-4287.

Case 36/75 Rutili v Minister for the Interior [1975] ECR 1219.

Case 222/84 Johnston v Chief Constable of the RUC [1986] ECR 1651.

Case C-465/07 Elgafaji v Staatssecretaris van Justitie [2009] ECRI-921.

Cases C-465/00, 138 and 139/01 Rechnungshof v Österreichischer Rundfunk [2003] ECRI-12489.

Case 63/83 R v Kent Kirk [1984] ECR 2689.

Case 5/88 Wachauf v Germany [1989] ECR 2609.

Case C-305/05 Ordre des barreaux francophones et germanophones et al v Council [2007] ECR I-5305.

Case C-45/08 Spector Photo Group NV v CBFA, 23 Dec 2009.

Case C-578/08 Chakroun v Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken, 4 Mar 2010.

Cases C-175-179/08 Salahadin Abdulla et al v Germany, 2 Mar 2010.

Case C-336/07 Kabel Deutschland Vertrieb v Niedersächsische Landesmedienanstalt for privaten Rundfunk [2008] ECRI-10889.

Case C-421/07 Damgaard [2009] ECR 1-2629.

Case C-275/06 Promusicae v Telefónica de Espana SAU [2008] ECR 1-271.

Case C-73/07 Tietosuojayaltuutettu v Satakunnan Markkinapörssi Oy [2008] ECR 1-9831.

Case C-400/10 PPU J.McB v LE, 5 Oct 2010.

Case C-368/95 Vereinigte Familiapress Zeitungsverlags- und Vertriebs GmbH v Heinrich Bauer Verlag [1997] ECR I-3689.

Case C-370/05 Festersen [2007] ECR I-1129.

Cases C-482 and 493/01 Orfanopoulos and Oliveri v Land Baden-Württemberg [2004] ECR I-5257.

Case C-459/99 MRAX v Belgium [2002] ECR 1-6591.

Case C-413/99 Baumbast and R v Home Secretary [2002] ECR I-7091.

Case C-60/00 Carpenter v Home Secretary [2002] ECR I-6279.

Case C-109/01 Home Secretary v Akrich [2003] ECR I-9607.

Case C-441/02 Commission v Germany [2006] ECR 1-3449.

Case C-145/09 Land Baden-Württemberg v Tsakouridis, 23 November 2010.

Case C-34/09 Ruiz Zambrano v ONEM. AG’s Opinion, 30 September 2010; judgment, 8 March 2011.

Case C-341/05 Laval un Partneri Svenska Byggnadsarbetareförbundet [2007] ECR I-11767.

Case C-438/05 International Transport Workers’ Federation v Viking [2007] ECRI-10779.

Case C-127/08 Metock v Minister for Justice [2008] ECR 1-6241.

Case C-299/95 Kremzow v Austria [1997] ECR 1-2629.

Case C-291/96 Criminal Proceedings Against Grado and Bashir [1997] ECR I-5531.

Case C-309/96 Annibaldi v Sindaco del Comune di Guidonia [1997] ECR I-7493.

Case C-333/09 Noel v SCP Brouard Daude [2009] ECR I-205.

Case C-535/08 Pignataro v Ufficio Centrale Circoscrizionale presso il Tribunale di Catania [2009] ECR I-50.

Case C-45/03 Oxana Dem’Yanenko, order of 18 March 2004.

Case C-411/10, NS v Home Secretary, pending.

Case C-493/10 ME v Refugee Applications Commissioner and Minister for Justice and Law Reform, pending.

App No 24833/94 Matthews v UK, judgment of 18 February 1999.

App No 51717/99 Guerin Automobiles v les 15 Etats de l’Union Européenne, 4 July 2000.

App No 56672/00 DSR-Senator Lines GmbH v the 15 Member States of the European Union, admissibility decision of the ECtHR of 10 March 2004.

Case T-191/98 R DSR Senator Lines v Commission [1999] ECR II-2531

Case C-364/99 P DSR Senator Lines v Commission R [1999] ECR I-8733, on appeal.

App Nos 6422/02 and 9916/02 SEGI /Gestoras Pro-Amnistia v the 15 Member States of the EU, admissibility decision of the ECtHR of 23 May 2002.

App No 62023/00 Emesa Sugar v Netherlands, admissibility decision of the ECtHR of 13 January 2005.

Case C-17/98 Emesa Sugar v Aruba [2000] ECR I-665.

App No 17862/91 Cantoni v France, judgment of the ECtHR, 15 November 1996.

App No 30696/09 MSS v. Belgium and Greece, judgment of the Grand Chamber of 21 January 2011.

Open Door Counselling Ltd and Dublin Will Woman Centre v Ireland, Series A, no 246.

Case C-159/90 SPUC v Grogan [1991] ECR I-4685.

Case C-260/89 Elliniki Radiophonia Tileorassi AE v Dimotiki Etairia Pliroforissis and Sotirios Kouvelas [1991] ECR I-2925.

Informationsverein Lentia v Austria, Series A, no 276.

Case C-159/90 SPUC v Grogan [1991] ECR I-4685.

Niemietz v Germany, Series A, No 251.

Cases 46/87 and 227/88 Hoechst AG v Commission [1989] ECR 2859.

Case 374/87 Orkem v Commission [1989] ECR 3283.

Funke v France, Series A, No 256A.

Cases T-213/95 and 18/96 SCK & FNK v Commission [1997] ECR II-1739.

Cases T-305/94 and 335/94 Limburgse Vinyl Maatschappij NV v Commission [1999] ECR II-931.

Case C-185/95 P Baustahlgewebe v Commission [1998] ECR I-8417.

Case C-94/00 Roquettes Frères SA v Commission [2002] ECR I-9011.

Case C-466/00 Kaba v Home Secretary [2003] ECR I-2219.

App Nos 65731/01 and 65900/01 Stec v UK, judgment of the ECtHR of 12 April 2006.

App No 57325/0 DH and Others v Czech Republic, judgment of the Grand Chamber of 13 November 2007.





Case T-191/99 Petrie v Commission [2001] ECR II-3677.

Case C-28/08 P Commission v Bavarian Lager, 29 June 2010.

Cases C-514, 528 and 532/07 P Sweden and API v Commission, 21 Sept 2010.

Case 28/67 Milkerei-Zentrale Westfalen v Hauptzollamt Paderborn [1968] ECR 143, 153.

Case C-445/06 Danske Slagterier v Bundesrepublik Deutschland [2009] ECR I-2119.

Case 247/87 Star Fruit v Commission [1989] ECR 291.

Case T-105/95 WWF v Commission [1997] ECR II -313.

Case 26/62 Van Gend en Loos [1963] ECR 1.





Case 6/64 Costa [1964] ECR 585, 592.

Case C-99/00 Criminal Proceedings against Lyckeskog [2002] ECR I-4839.

Case C-312/93 Peterbroeck, Van Campenhout & Cie SCS v Belgium [1995] ECR I-4599.

Cases C-430-431/93 Van Schijndel and Van Veen v Stichting Pensioenfonds voor Fysiotherapeuten [1995] ECR I-4705.

Case C-40/08 Asturcom Telecomunicaciones SL v Cristina Rodriguez Nogueira, 6 October 2009.

Case C-465/93 Atlanta Fruchthandelsgesellschaft mbH v Bundesamt for Ernührung und Forstwirtschaft [1995] ECR I-3761.

Case C-2/06 Willy Kempfer KG v Hauptzollamt Hamburg-Jonas [2008] ECR I-411.

Case 495/03 Intermodal Transports BV v Staatssecretaris van Financien [2005] ECR I-8151.

Case 117/77 Bestuurvan het Algemeen Ziekenfonds, Drenthe-Platteland v G Pierik [1978] ECR 845.

Case 35/76 Simmenthal SpA v Ministero delle Finanze [1976] ECR 1871.

Case C-83/91 Wienand Meilicke v ADVIORGA FA Meyer AG [1992] ECR I-471.

Case C-18/93 Corsica Ferries Italia Srl v Corpo dei Piloti del Porto di Genova [1994] ECR I-1783.

Case C-428/93 Monin Automobiles-Maison duDeux-Roues [1994] ECR I-1707.

Cases C-320–322/90 Telemarsicabruzzo SpA v Circostel, Ministero delle Poste e Telecomunicazioni and Amministrazione della Difesa [1993] ECR I-393.

Case 26/62 Van Gend en Loos [1963] ECR 1.

Case 32/75 Cristini v SNCF [1975] ECR 1085.

Case C-106/89 Marleasing SA v La Comercial Internacional de Alimentacion SA [1990] ECR I-4135.

Case 314/85 Firma Foto-Frost v Hauptzollamt Lübeck-Ost [1987] ECR 4199.





Case C-137/92 P Commission v BASF AG [1994] ECR I-2555.

Cases C-402 and 415/05 P Yassin Abdullah Kadi and Al Barakaat International Foundation v Council and Commission [2008] ECR I-6351.

Case 302/87 European Parliament v Council ‘[Comitology’ case[1988] ECR 5615.

Case C-70/88 European Parliament v Council [‘Chernobyl’ case] [1990] ECR I-2041.

Case 264/82 Timex Corporation v Council and Commission [1985] ECR 849.

Cases 239 and 275/82 Allied Corporation v Commission [1984] ECR 1005.

Case 169/84 Compagnie Franfaise de l’Azote (COFAZ) SA v Commission [1986] ECR 391.

Case C-358/89 Extramet Industrie SA v Council [1991] ECR I-2501, AG Jacobs.

Case C-263/02 P Commission v Jégo-Quéré & Cie SA [2004] ECR I-3425.

Case C-229/05 P Osman Ocalan v Council [2007] ECR I-439.

Case 216/82 Universität Hamburg v Hauptzollamt Hamburg-Kehrwieder [1983] ECR 2771.

Cases 133-136/85 Walter Rau Lebensmittelwerke v Bundesanstalt for Landwirtschaftliche Marktordnung [1987] ECR 2289.

Case C-188/92 TWD Textilwerke Deggendorf GmbH v Germany [1994] ECR I-833.

Case C-241/95 R v Intervention Board for Agricultural Produce, ex p Accrington Beef Co Ltd [1996] ECR I-669L.

Case C-408/95 Eurotunnel SA v Sea France [1997] ECR I-6315.

Case C-107/91 ENU v Commission [1993] ECR I-599.

Case C-184/99 Grzelczyk v Centre public d’aide sodale d’Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve [2001] ECR I-6193.

Case C-369/90 Micheletti v Delegación del Gobierno en Cantabria [1992] ECR I-4239

Case C-109/01 Secretary of State for the Home Departmentv Akrich [2003] ECR I-9607.

Case C-212/97 Centros Ltd v Erhvervs- og Selskabsstyrelsen [1999] ECR I-1459.

Case C-196/04 Cadbury – Schweppes [2006] ECR I-7995.

Case C-413/01 Ninni-Orasche v Bundesminister für Wissenschaft, Verkehr und Kunst [2003] ECR I-13187.

Case C-147/03 Commission v Austria [2005] ECR I-5969.

Case 175/78 R v Saunders [1979] ECR 1129.

Cases 35 and 36/82 Morson and Jhanjan v Netherlands [1982] ECR 3723.

Case C-299/95 Kremzow v Austria [1997] ECR I-2629.

Cases C-64/96 and 65/96 Uecker and Jacquet v Land Nordrhein-Westfalen [1997] ECR I-3171.

Case C-403/03 Schempp v Finanzamt München [2005] ECR I-6421.

Case C-212/06 Government of the French Community and Walloon Government.

Case C-434/09 McCarthy v Home Secretary, 25 November 2010.

Case C-200/02 Metock.

Case C-85/96 Maria Martinez Sala v Freistaat Bayern [1998] ECR I -2691.



Case 293/83 Gravier v City of Liege [1985] ECR 593.

Case 39/86 Lair [1988] ECR 3161.

Case 197/86 Brown [1988] ECR 3205.

Case C-357/89 Raulin v Minister van Onderwijs en Wetenschappen [1992] ECR I-1027.

Case C-209/03 Bidar v London Borough of Ealing [2005] ECR I-2119.

Case C-158/07 Försterv Hoofddirectie van de Informatie Beheer Groep [2008] ECR I-8507.

Cases C-11 and 12/06 Morgan and Bucher [2007] ECR I-9161.

Case C-147/03 Commission v Austria [2005] ECR I-5969.

Case C-65/03 Commission v Belgium [2004] ECR I-6427.

Case C-73/08 Bressol v Gouvernement de la communaute française, 13 April 2010.

Case C-224/98 D’Hoop v Office Nationale de l’Emploi [2002] ECR I-6191.

Case C-258/04 Ioannidis [2005] ECR I-8275

Case C-162/09 Secretary of State for Work and Pensions v Lassal, 7 October 2010.

Case C-274/96 Bickel Franz [1998] ECR I-7637.

Case C-408/03 Commission v Belgium [2006] ECR I-2647.

Case C-145/09 Land Baden-Württemberg v Tsakouridis, 23 November 2010.


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