May 8, 2016

EU Law A.Y. 2015/2016

Here is the list of the students admitted to the EU Law written test:

EU Law 2016 – students admitted to the written test

For questions on the list of admitted students, you can write to



Only those who attended classes (frequentanti) will be allowed to take the written test on the first date of the exams regular session.
All other students will be subject to oral examination on the subsequent dates as it follows:

frequentanti will be examined on the basis of slides, materials and notes (being the book an additional tool of study);

those who are not frequentanti will be examined on the basis of the reference book.

The program therefore changes depending on whether the student has attended or not classes.


Quindi e in pratica, la prima data di esami della sessione estiva (a maggio) è riservata ai frequentanti. Ci sarà lo scritto.

Nelle successive date (della sessione estiva e delle sessioni successive) ci sarà solo l’orale sia per frequentanti che per non frequentanti – il programma sarà ovviamente diverso.

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