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April 10, 2015

Here is the list of “frequentanti”, i.e. those admitted to the April 14 written test:



A written test (ONLY for those who are ‘frequentanti’) will be held on April 14 (10.30-13.30) on what ih has been taught until that day.

The remaining part of the course will be at the core of the oral exam.


This is a closed-book test. Treaties and any other material are not allowed.



Absences due to:
– illness
– Model United Nations or Progetto Europeo LUISS (or similar LUISS activities)
are considered EXCUSED and therefore will not be counted against you for the purpose of being considered frequentante (and therefore have access to the April 14 written test).
If you were absent for one of these reasons, you should send an email
by April 5
stating the reason for the absence and the relative date/s.
Late emails will not be considered.
Please remember that only frequentanti (those who have attended at least 10 out of 13 classes) will be admitted to the April 14 written test.
The list of frequentanti will be published on the website by April 10.
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